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    5 Business Problems that are Solved When You Outsource Your IT

    Mar 26, 2019 11:42:14 AM The Discovernet Team Managed Service Provider, Business owner

    It’s often said that good managers know how to delegate. And this concept extends beyond employee interactions – in fact, most businesses are already delegating (or outsourcing) a number of vital services. Utilities are a prime example – it makes much more sense to pay a power, water or gas bill rather than trying to dedicate time and resources providing these essential services in-house.

    And given how integrated and essential IT has become to even the most basic of workday functions, many businesses are reaching the point where becomes increasingly more economical – and effective – to outsource their IT needs to a reputable Managed IT Service Provider.

    Here are 5 key problems that can be solved when you outsource your IT: 

    1.    You’re No Longer Able to Support the IT Services You Need

    In most cases, once businesses reach a certain size, a Managed Service Provider can manage your data an IT with greater skill than you can provide in-house – even if you’re lucky enough to have a tech whiz or two on your team. In addition to the increased complexity and service requests created by a growing company, the fast-changing nature of technology means skills can quickly become outdated unless you are ready to pay for expensive training to keep your in-house team up to date.

    Additionally, managed services can augment the availability and skills of an internal team by providing off-hours support and monitoring.

    2.    You Lack Direction for Your IT Management

    It’s difficult enough for a non-technologist to manage technology operations, especially when they are removed from larger industry developments. An expert Managed Services Provider can bring a wider range of knowledge and experience to the table part from providing advanced IT solutions to business owners, and should be able to provide a level of insight and problem-solving that is aimed at building a holistic IT solution for your business, not just for individual issues.

    3.    Your IT Team is Always Putting out Fires

    Building on the last point, Managed IT Service Providers generally have broader experience and access to more resources than in-house teams, which means they are able to take a more proactive approach to your company’s IT. Internal IT teams that are stretched thin often find themselves on the back foot, and are too busy trying to solve problems to even start developing ways to avoid them in the first place.

    Managed Service Providers, unattached to legacy systems, can also help you implement modern software and hardware solutions that can have a direct and positive impact on employee productivity.

    4.    You Struggle To Hire and Retain IT Staff

    Hiring is a cost of doing business, but the costs (in both money and time) can start to add up. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, it takes an average of $4,219 and 42 days to fill a position - and that's just the start. There are then additional costs associated with onboarding and training. The process of losing and replacing IT staff can also have an effect on the quality of your technology infrastructure, support and services.

    When you outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider, they take on both the responsibility and costs of staffing, and are equipped (and obliged to) to provide a consistently high level of support and service.

    5.    Your Technology Costs Are Getting Out of Hand

    Cost savings might be one of the first things business owners will want to consider when looking at outsourcing their IT, but it tends to be a result of the increased service, efficiency, security and productivity provided by a Managed Service Providers.

     Perhaps more salient is the change to IT cost management: rather than an expensive and less certain capital spending cycle, where large investments are made that may never  amortized as technologies and strategies change, Managed Service Providers smooth out IT costs by presenting businesses with a reliable and stable monthly service fee that covers everything in the contract. 

    When considering outsourcing your IT to a Managed Service Provider, cost shouldn’t necessarily be the deciding factor. Track records, capabilities, experience, and expertise are all important as well. The decision to outsource your IT shouldn’t be to replace what you already have, but gain access to resource and expertise you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain.

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