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    How to Hire an On-Demand CIO

    Feb 12, 2019 5:38:58 PM The Discovernet Team Managed Service Provider

    When you consider how integral technology is to today’s businesses, it’s understandable that the ability to hire and support both a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO) is something many companies aspire to – both to remain up-to-date, competitive, and secure. 

    However, many companies simply do not have the budget to support these positions in-house; whether it’s lack of growth, prioritizing other departments, or even a business model that does not support these roles in a full-time capacity, the result is often the same – a company that may struggle to manage risk and develop a technology strategy to support their current and future business needs. 

    For midsize organizations, the high price of a full-time CIO often outweighs the benefits. “In the midmarket, companies don't need a full-time $300,000-a-year CIO – they need somebody to set strategy, negotiate contracts and talk to the board for them. This might only require a day or two a week as-needed. 

    It may seem like a no-win situation. Or is it?

    A Good MSP Can Provide You with On-Demand CIO/CSO 

    Today’s best Managed Service Providers are capable of so much more than break-fix IT – they often have a level exposure and experience gained from their years of supporting a variety of industries to know what will work for you, and what will not.

    In an earlier blog post, we suggested that a proactive relationship with your MSP will enable them to learn your business needs and start to develop strategic solutions – basically giving you access to a virtual CIO.

    Pay for What You Need 

    Because Managed Service Providers provide a variety of pricing based on services, users and projects, your business only has to pay for what it needs. For example, a small business running office 365 for a handful of employees will have different technology support needs than a manufacturer integrating legacy hardware into supply-chain networks – and the level of engagement and depth of knowledge required will be commeasurably higher.

    And it’s far easier to hire an MSP for large one-off projects that don’t warrant long-term staffing solutions – in doing so, you’ll have access to IT advice and leadership for the duration of the project, without the additional overhead and challenges associated with trying to hire or repurpose internal staff 

    Lower Your Risk with a Security Expert 

    Today’s interconnected business world presents a tempting target for cyberattacks, which are using increasingly automated processes to find and exploit network weaknesses in order to steal sensitive data or hold systems ransom.

    A trusted MSP can provide you with a CSO who can identify the network and data security servicesneeded to keep your organization’s IP, customer information, and other data safe from the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats facing today’s businesses. 

    They can provide expert advice on selecting the security tools most appropriate for your organization and help design and test a business continuity plan to keep your organization afloat should the worst happen.

    And with their broad industry knowledge and hands-on experience in implementing security solutions, you can be confident in their commitment to building a solution to meet your needs. 

    Discovernet: Your Trusted IT Partner for Strategy and Security 

    When it comes to customer service, nobody beats Discovernet. For over 15 years, Discovernet has been providing quality business advice and common-sense technology solutions to business owners in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of professionals holds numerous certifications and highly recognizable accreditations, ensuring our clients receive the superior consulting advice necessary to help their business succeed. 

    Our goal is to make your daily operations more focused and effective. Our strengths are streamlining systems and processes to make them more responsive and efficient, eliminating unseen security risks and implementing proven solutions to assist employees in increasing productivity.

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