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It’s Coming – BYOD to Work


Many workplaces have expanded l their mobile phone offerings to include options for their employees – whether it be Android, iOS, or other. They recognize that some employees are more comfortable with one device over another.

The next obvious step is offering different computing devices. One needs to ask: is a BYOD (bring your own device) environment realistic?  Let’s first define what BYOD really means. It is the concept that employees can bring any device they want to the office and work from it. Sounds simple enough or not.

Concerns associated with BYOD include:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Functionality
  • Programming and software needs

And yet, BYOD can bring significant advantages:

  • Employee motivation and comfort
  • Lower costs
  • Elimination of inventory
  • Ease of upgrades and rollouts of new programs
  • Simpler file sharing

We believe there are substantial benefits to BYOD and that any organization can be developed into a virtual world. Users can log into a site that is set up like a desktop. That site is controlled by the company but the desktop can be accessed from any device.  Each user can have the exact same access or customized to meet their work needs. With cloud-computing on the rise, there is no need to maintain files and programs on a set PC.

Not so sure? Let us help you make an informed decision as to whether BYOD can offer an effective and efficient solution for your business.