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Printing Pharmaceuticals


3D printing, which seems to constantly find its way into new industries, has now made its way into producing pharmaceutical drugs. In the U.S., the F.D.A. has approved Spritam levetiracetam, a new drug developed to help control seizures. The drug was created by Ohio based company Aprecia Pharmaceuticals.

Aprecia 3D prints the pills with what they have termed their ZipDose Technology platform. The printer creates a pill that is more porous and will disintegrate more easily with water so it can be taken with a drink. Many people who suffer from epilepsy have trouble swallowing the pill so having it dissolve should be very helpful. Printing the pill also allows a higher dose of the drug to be condensed into it instead of having to struggle with taking a few. The drug should be coming to market next year and will be the first in a line of drugs to help with central nervous system problems.

Being able to print these medications could go a long way in producing a specific dosage for the individual. Although some have remarked that we may soon be able to print these medications from the comfort of our own homes, I think we a long ways off from that. However, it is a great sign that the pill has been approved and will be coming to the market soon as that is a sign that more 3D pills will be on the way. It’s amazing how 3D printing continues to find ways to have a positive impact on our lives. What are your thoughts on this?