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What is FREE and What Does FREE Cost?


You hear and read about this offer all the time; free this, free that, buy one get one free. If everything was actually free then we wouldn’t need any money and no one would need to work, that a thought! That just sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Marketing advertising in general has been using this approach for as long as I can remember and why not? What’s better than free? So what is this “free”? What do they actually mean? Can something actually be had without paying for it?

The answer: Sort of, some things advertised with a free gift or product comes with hope that you will purchase something else usually more expensive. It costs money to make money so the free part of any deal costs somebody something, either the seller or the buyer.

No business can stay in business for long if they give things away for free consistently; businesses need to make profits to pay the employees, supplies, overhead; basically to stay in business. Essentially, the free item is in the cost somewhere. You need to be careful with the free giveaways on the internet as sometimes they are just trying to get you to go to their web site. You get lured with the term free and once you go to the web site you’re asked for all your personal information before you can access the free give away. Bottom line, is there is often a still a transaction when you hear or see the term free. You just need to be aware that sometimes the transaction is not easily visible and you will pay for something one way or another (exchange of information, build into the costs of other product/services etc.). You just need to determine if transfer of goods and information is fair.

Free is not all bad, you just need to really look at what is being advertised. My advice: If you are interested in some sort of product or service and there is an enticing free gift or promotion, just sit back and do some research on the product or company. Take a look a customer reviews and warnings, it could save you some money and unnecessary headaches down the road.

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