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What Is The Dark Web?


What happens on the web stays on the web.  We all know that nothing on the web is private or secure.  Although organizations make every possible attempt to keep security as strict as possible, there are millions of people out there who just want to get their hands on information – whether it’s just for the fun of it or for inappropriate use.

What exactly is a “dark web”?  It sounds like a mysterious location from a horror movie where you know something bad is about to happen.

Wikipedia’s definition is:

The Dark Web, also confusingly referred to as the Deep Web and conflated with Deep Web search is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknets, overlay networks which use the public Internet but which require specific software, configurations or authorization to access.

Dark or Deep webs can be used to store data that is shared within organizations but not with the general public.  An example of a Deep Web is your website building area – before you go public; you’re stored info on a deep web.  It’s not searchable yet but it’s out there.  Researchers use it to store their raw data. There are many legitimate reasons to use a dark or deep web but, unfortunately, it’s often used for illegitimate uses.

The Ashley Madison leak was one such example. “A data dump, 9.7 gigabytes in size, was posted on Tuesday to the dark web using an Onion address accessible only through the Tor browser.”


So how do you get access to the dark web.  The most popular software used in a dark web is Tor as it’s one of the easiest to use. Freenet and I2P are also used with Bitcoin handling the payment portion due to its anonymity capability.

The Darkweb is an interesting place to visit, but be careful.  If you don’t know what you are doing you can get in a lot of trouble.  If you have any questions about the darkweb or any other IT issues please contact us.